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Kevin Leslie


 Kevin Leslie is a London based award winning actor and star of award nominated feature film ‘Rise of the Krays’.

The sequel ‘Fall of the Krays’ had theatrical release in cinemas.


Kevin was recently crowned the Best Actor at the prestigious Marbella International Film Festival and received an award for his portrayal of Reggie Kray. Since Kevin’s most recent role as a Kray twin he has been catapulted into the lime light.




  "My love of acting both in film and in theatre has been a passion of mine since my early teens. I’ve been a professional actor in London for five years since graduating from the Arts University at Bournemouth in 2010.


I’ve acted in, and been involved with, various British Film, TV and Theatre projects; most notably my time at Shakespeare’s Globe in ‘Blue Stockings’ and playing Reggie Kray in feature films ‘Rise of the Krays’ & ‘Fall of The Krays’.


My professional career started with my graduating show ‘Dracula’ playing the title role in an adaptation of Bram Stokers novel at the Lighthouse Theatre, Poole.  I was then in a number of fringe productions and short films, building on my acting, directing and producing skill set.


My first break through lead role in a British film came when I was cast as the lead in ‘Pearls of Africa’, which gave me the life changing experience of filming in Kenya as well as England.


Since then, I have been lucky enough to have worked on a number of interesting projects including spending four months touring with the ETT/Shakespeare’s Globe in ‘Eternal Love’ where I had the opportunity to go on as the understudy lead in Edinburgh to impressive reviews:


As Bernard, Kevin Leslie (understudy on for Sam Crane)…Is a zealot from beginning to end; but Leslie's interpretation of Brenton's words makes him a fascinating zealot. I found myself wanting to be on his side, despite myself. (T.Didbin, 2014).


Most recently I’ve filmed the lead role of Reggie Kray in back-to-back Independent British feature films 'Rise of the Krays' & 'Fall of the Krays'. This project has truly helped me make tremendous steps forward as an actor, getting into the mind set and heart of one half of the most notorious gangsters in the East End of London. The East End is rich in culture and history and I thoroughly enjoyed delving into that world".





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